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Join the Association of African American Museums (AAAM) and STQRY for a conversation regarding the future of digital experiences within museums. In 2020, although temporarily closed, many museums saw an increase of 50% in audience activity due to digital options. Learn how your museum, library, archives, historic site, or walking tour may benefit from a digital component for increased revenue, exposure, and offerings for your members.

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Chat File:

James Blockett: Hi everybody I am James Blockett and I am at the Glenstone
Laura Kebede: Hello! I’m Laura Kebede, an emerging public historian based in Memphis
Obama Museum: Deloris Guttman, Obama Hawaiian Africana Museum
Amani Rush: Hello, I’m Amani. I am currently a grad student at Temple University.
Vedet Robinson: Hello everyone!  I’m so thankful you are here with us today!  Happy to see everyone from coast to coast! 🙂
Vedet Robinson: Please feel free to add any questions to the chat.
Ginger (virginia) Smyly, San Francisco African American Historical and Cultural Society – old afternoon East Coast people
Dean P: How many museums responded to the survey and what was their demographics?
Vedet Robinson: Thank you, Dean.  I’m in receipt and will assist with having the team address your inquiry.
Robert Parker: Hello Family from the forthcoming Chickasaw Heritage Center (Chickasaw Inkana Foundation) in Tupelo, Mississippi!!!!!
Theresa Hall: Are the Story platform applications free?
genevievehauck: Hi.  Here is the link to the National Park Service web app:
Alpha Media: Hello Todd Sterling with the River Road African American Museum in Donaldsonville, LA. Look for us April 6 on the Soul of a Nation news magazine on ABC!!
genevievehauck: Hi Dean! Roughly 1000 – the study is on the American Alliance of Museums website.
Alexis Fleming: Hello all, I’m an independent NY curator who most recently worked with MOFAD on their upcoming African/American: Making the Nation’s Table exhibition, 2022.
Theresa Hall: Hopefully, digital materials such as brochures, etc. will become common place. Would be a positive step in minimizing materials that end up in the trash, on the ground, etc. and protecting the environment.
Tammy Gibson: Tammy Gibson from Chicago.  I’m a travel historian
Tammy Gibson: aw
Tammy Gibson: In the process of opening a museum next year.
Theresa Hall: Thank you!!
RRAAM: Thank You!
Alpha Media: Can this recording be shared with all in attendance? Thx!
Vedet Robinson: Yes.  The recording will be shared as soon as Zoom delivers it to us and we pop it on YouTube
Laura Kebede: This presentation was super helpful. Thank you for your time!
Theresa Hall: Thank you so much! This has been great!
Vedet Robinson:
virginia smyly: Thanks, Vedet and AAAM!
Leslie McKesson: Thank you. Great info.
genevievehauck: Thank you for joining!
Alexis Fleming: Thank you for your presentation. It was most informative! Looking forward to more.