Join the Association of African American Museums and Monadnock Media for a discussion about the evolving role of media in museums and its potential to create meaningful visitor engagement.


Vedet Coleman-Robinson


Joy Bailey Bryant, Lord Cultural Services

Steve Bressler, Monadnock Media

Tafeni English, SPLC Civil Rights Memorial Center

Pamela Junior, Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Claudia Levin, Monadnock Media

Tracy Litwin, Monadnock Media


Chat File:

MBanks: Good Morning Everyone! Michelle Banks, African American Firefighter Museum in Los Angeles, CA.
BCarter: What adjustments are you making as a result of Covid 19?
MBanks: How does this approach  translate to or connect  with an online digital experience?
MBanks: Any thoughts on use of augmented/virtual reality to achieve that signature moment.. slowing the visitor and providing that visceral “touch” moment?
GCollins: Good to see you as well
SPage: Yes. That is a great point. More or Better Communication
BFriedman: So so sorry to be late. This is great. Our museum, The Birmingham Black Radio Museum,  is an on line archive with files accessible by appointment. We are asked to have space in the newly renovated historic Carver Theater in Birmingham adjacent to a jazz station in the building. All of the engagement discussions are right on time as we meet with designers. Is Monadnock you, Mr. Bressler?
Claudia Levin: Steve Bressler is the Creative Director of Monadnock. 413-247-6447
 Claudia Levin:,
Claudia Levin: Anyone should feel free to write us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that didn’t get addressed today. Thanks for joining!
BHouse Soremekun: My question has to do with how you are able to accommodate different age groups in the use of media and technology. Most of the people in the photos that you presented that were using the touchtone features were millennials or members of generation z individuals. How do you engage baby boomers and members of the greatest generation in these high tech exhibits?
Tee Jones: This was a very informative session.  Thank you so much.
 Rico Chapman: Thanks all!
Joy Bailey-Bryant (she/her), Lord Cultural Resources: Thank you everyone! great conversation!
BHouse Soremekun: Thanks everybody.
CHulfish: Thank you for sharing your expertise! This was excellent, enjoyed learning from you all, what a wonderful group! Tafeni English (she/her): Thank you all for attending today.
Rico Chapman: Nah…Jackson is dope!
Omar Eaton-Martinez, M-NCPPC: Great program!
MBanks: Great session, thank you!
Alan Hoff: We all greatly appreciate you spending your valuable time with us!
SPage: Thank you.
Rico Chapman: Thanks Vedet!!!
amontgomery: Thank you all!  Great information!
DRogers: Thank you!
RRAAM: Thank you all for the tremendous wealth of knowledge! Much enjoyed!!