Request for Permission to Use the AAAM Logo

Requirements to use the AAAM Logo:

  • *Must be a member of AAAM in good standing.
  • *Include a layout or other sample (PDF, GIF, MPG, URL) that clearly shows how the AAAM Logo will be used.
  • *Information for the materials in which the AAAM logo will be used, including the following:- Type of media (print, electronic, broadcast)

– How will the materials be used and distributed

– Detailed description of the content of the materials

– Run date of materials

  • *By submitting your request, you acknowledge that you will only use the AAAM logo in the way in which was indicated by this request.  A separate request must be submitted in order to use the logo on a different project.

*PLEASE NOTE:  You will be notified of our decision within 10 business days.