Request a Meeting with AAAM’s ED

NAME OF MEETING: Give a descriptive name of the meeting.


APPOINTMENT: State day, date, and time

Full address (include cross streets in major cities)

Telephone number

Assistant’s Name and telephone number


PARTICIPANTS: Vedet R. Coleman-Robinson, Executive Director or AAAM Staff Member

List additional participant names and titles


AGENDA ITEMS: 1.   List the agenda items of the meeting.


EXPECTED OUTCOMES: 1.   List the expected outcomes of the meeting.




Provide name, title, and telephone number.

The person(s) listed should be key to the meeting

and be able to respond to questions.


ATTACHMENTS: List all attachments.  Attachments would include

such materials as:

1.  Key correspondence

2.  Further biographical information if necessary

3.  Summary of recent communication and contacts


FOLLOW-UP: Provide preferred address, telephone number,

and email for follow-up, etc.


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