Former AAAM Board Member, Joy Bailey Bryant, named President of Lord Cultural Resources – US


Join AAAM as we congratulate former AAAM Board Member, Joy Bailey Bryant, in her recent appointment as President of Lord Cultural Resources, US.

This morning, Lord Cultural Resources, announced Joy Bailey Bryant as the company’s new President.  Upon the release of the announcement, Joy is quoted stating,

Lord’s success comes from our deep reflection and understanding of the communities we serve. I am excited to take on this role now, when the role of American cultural organizations is so imperative.”

…as well as,

The upheaval of the past year forced culturals large and small to rethink digital strategy, community engagement, diversity and representation, their physical spaces indoors and out, and most especially their vision. My goal is to help our organizations lead change, rather than follow it.”

-Joy Bailey-Bryant, President, Lord Cultural Resources US


CONGRATULATIONS JOY BAILEY BRYANT!  Your service to the field is greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Bailey-Bryant served on the AAAM Board 2006-2012.