AAAM is proud to share resources for leaders of African American focused museums that we hope will prove meaningful in developing your institution’s strategic response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding Resources

CLICK HERE for funding resources for stimulus relief within the federal government and foundations.


Museum Advocacy

Send Congress a letter supporting the $6 billion ask for museums in the next Stimulus. CLICK HERE to fill out the pre-populated letter.

AAAM Webinars

CLICK HERE to view upcoming AAAM Webinars as well as slides from past presentations COVID-19 Leadership Conversations.


Testimonials from AAAM Members

“The AAAM COVID-19 Leadership Conversation was just what we needed more than we knew!  It was informative, encouraging, and beautiful.  Thank You!”

– Michelle Lanier, Director, North Carolina Division of State Historic Sites and Properties and Angela Thorpe, Director of the North Carolina African American Heritage Commission

“I am in the planning stage of opening a new African American art center and museum in Sarasota, FL. The business of establishing a museum from the ground up is a new role for me.  I’ve registered and attended each leadership sessions, in all regions since April. Informative. Inspirational.  Aspirational.  Powerful speakers.  Thanks AAAM for pivoting quickly at a crucial time.”

-Vickie Oldham, Sarasota, FL