The National Park Service, Fort Monroe Authority, and Association of African American Museums

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Ajena Cason Rogers:

Richard M. Josey, Jr.:

Thelonius Cook:



African Landing Day 2022:


Lifting Your Voice: 1619 and the Power of Collaboration (2020 Commemoration)


Global Shared Heritage invited several subject-matter experts to speak to the field December 8 – December 9, 2021.  


Part I of a collaborative initiative called Global Shared Heritage – Exploring the Arch of Freedom – African Landing through Emancipation at Point Comfort. We welcomed Dr. Mia Carey from Unearthing the Past and longtime friend of Fort Monroe Mr. Richard Josey from Collective Journey’s Inc. as we explored the following training opportunities:


  • The Language of Inclusion and Equity: Fostering a Common Understanding
  • Fighting Systems not People: Navigating Resistance to Inclusion and Equity


This training will set the groundwork for the scholars roundtable – Part II of Global Shared Heritage, anticipated to take place in March and will explore the following themes:

  • African Origins and European Expansion
  • Warfare and Slavery
  • Transatlantic Slave Trade and Middle Passage
  • Colonialism and African Landing in British North America
  • The Making of America and Racialized Slavery
  • Resistance and Freedom
  • Healing and Reconciliation
Finally, in May we asked interested parties to join us in Part III, which will included a symposium and/or speakers series. Collectively, these workshops and sessions contributed to a best practices guide available for our use in training teams as we prepare for this global discussion of Fort Monroe history.