Andrew FeinbergAndrew is a co-founder and Principal at TimeLooper, Inc. TimeLooper is a pioneering Interpretive Experience Design firm committed to enriching the interaction between cultural institutions and the modern visitor. Through the innovative application of cutting-edge technologies – including GIS mapping, holographic imaging, and 3D scanning – TimeLooper assists in the creation of stunning, unforgettable Virtual and Augmented Reality-based immersive learning experiences. In just five years TimeLooper has become an industry leader in the development of world-class visitor experiences and deployment of inclusive economic development models across a range of markets, with clients as wide-ranging as the National Civil Rights Museum, Gettysburg National Military Park, Pearl Harbor, and Angkor Wat UNESCO Heritage Site.

Prior to founding TimeLooper, Andrew was the CEO of Courtroom Connect, a legal media technology company.  Andrew has also served as the Chief Strategy Officer of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Previously, Andrew served as a manager in the National Economic Development and Security Group at The Monitor Group with a focus on national growth strategy in MENA and Southeast Asia.

Andrew holds a B.A. in history from Middlebury College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.