Travelers often seek to experience and immerse themselves in the culture of their travel destination. For over four decades the Association of African American Museums (AAAM) has supported African American museums and cultural institutions as they provide and preserve some of the art, history, and the culture that these travelers crave to experience. The important work of AAAM has Tripadvisor/Viator excited to partner with them. We are distinctively situated to help travelers and travel operators deepen their engagement with AAAM’s member institutions.

Our initial collaboration will be a global guide to museums that chronicle the art, history, and culture of African-derived cultures. This information will be published in Tripadvisor‘s unique ‘Trips’ tool, it will be the most comprehensive directory of its type in the world. We also look forward to using this opportunity to bring more of AAAM institutional members into the Tripadvisor / Viator ecosystem and help connect their institutions with travelers navigating the planning process.

Among traveler’s many joys, learning and discovery rank high. We’re excited to help the Tripadvisor audience learn and discover at the institutions AAAM supports.