This half-day workshop is designed to help museums understand the importance of having the five Core Documents in place, what each document should include, tips and resources for creating / revising them, and how they interrelate to form a strong organizational foundation for making good decisions and reducing risk. In this workshop you will get the tools and information to develop or improve your institution’s Core Documents through hands-on activities and interactive discussions with subject matter experts and other workshop attendees, and leave with an action plan. 
The following five Core Documents are fundamental for professional museum operations and critical for organizational stability, strength and flexibility. Every museum should have them because they codify and guide decisions and actions that promote institutional stability and viability, which in turn allows the museum to fulfill its educational role, care for its collections, and be an enduring part of its community.  
•  Mission Statement
•  Institutional Code of Ethics
•  Strategic Institutional Plan
•  Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Response Plan
•  Collections Management Policy
By preparing and formalizing these materials, your organization will be better positioned to receive contributions, collaborate with other museums, and take its next step on its excellence journey.
This workshop is part of the Paths to Excellence Series organized and presented on behalf of one of AAAM’s Mellon-funded Working Groups. Pre-registration is required and space is limited to 20 people.

$25.00 – Members

$30.00 – Non-Members

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