Our success would not be possible without the efforts of AAAM members, sponsors, and partners throughout the museum field. Many thanks for your support of the 41st Annual AAAM Conference!

National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC) 

NMAAHC’s Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) leverages the Museum’s research and programmatic initiatives to act as a catalyst, empowering and advancing the work of museums and related cultural heritage organizations dedicated to African American and Diaspora history. The Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) works with museum networks that serve organizations engaged in the study, appreciation, or preservation of African American or African Diasporic life, art, history, and culture. Their work primarily serves the African American and African Diasporic museum field by providing access to resources that improve organizational sustainability, provide professional development, and encourage innovation and best practices. OSP does not collaborate on individual public programs, education programs, or with other community groups.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Company – Justice ReMix’d Campaign

ustice Remix'd campaign image Innocent until proven guilty. Fairness. Justice. Those are the values that guide our legal system, right? Well, maybe for some, but definitely not for all. America locks people up at a higher rate than any other country on earth — and bias is baked right in. If you’re a person of color or struggling to make ends meet, you’re much more likely to be sent to prison — for a longer period of time — than a white person convicted of the same crime. It’s time for change. Join us as we learn more about front-end criminal justice reform and how transforming the system can benefit everyone.