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National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum

Other 2029 North Main Street Fort Worth Texas 76164 Home Phone: (817) 534-8801 Website: http://www.cowboysofcolor.org
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National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum (NMWHM) acknowledges the multicultural contributions of Hispanic, Native, European, Asian and African Americans in the settlement of the American frontier. Works of artists and others who documented people and events of the time via journals, photographs, and other historical items are part of the museum’s collection of overlooked materials that tell — often for the first time — the complete story of how the West was won. Through various educational programs (e.g., storytelling sessions, “Forgotten Cowboys Tour,” cultural heritage workshops, historical reenactments, participatory learning) at the museum and in the community, the Museum shares our multicultural western heritage while instilling positive values of diversity, tolerance, hard-work, and determination. Visitors to the museum and at our traveling exhibitions leave with an awareness that the American West came into being through the struggles and triumphs of racially and socio-economically diverse people.