AAAM 2021 invites proposals that consider the global impact of African American institutions, explore concepts of blackness and justice in museums around the world, and look at the work of museums throughout the Black diaspora.

The deadline to submit a Session Proposal: Saturday, March 13th, 2021 | 11:59 pm (PT)

AAAM2021 Conference Press Release

Papers, panels, interactive training, and presentations might consider the following questions:

How are museums in the United States and elsewhere addressing the black diaspora? How are museums defining justice and incorporating ideas of justice into their work? How are museums engaging descendant communities? How are museums re-framing African, African American, and African-descendant narratives out of a concern for justice?  How are museums aligning with America250 and preparing to interpret African American history and culture within the narrative of the founding of the United States of America and diasporic ties?




Session Topics should address best practices in one of the following areas:

Track 1: Audience Diversity (Relevance, Outreach and Responsiveness)

Track 2: Collections Information Management and/or Digitization (Archiving and Conserving)

Track 3: Financial Stewardship (Resource Management and Institutional Advancement)

Track 4: Leadership Development (Strategic Forecasting and Succession Planning)

Track 5: Organizational Development (Mission, Governance and Operations Planning)

Track 6: Visitor Experience (Education, Curation, Interpretation, Public Programs, and Exhibits)

Track 7: Advocacy (Creating Buy-In, Alliance Building among Funders and Policy Makers)

Track 8: Marketing (Social Media, and Audience Engagement)

Within these tracks, we encourage proposals for a highly interactive training that engages the nuts and bolts of all aspects of your work from conception to implementation.


Tips for Online Proposal Submissions:

Proposals must be submitted online via the AAAM online submission portal. 

Proposals must be submitted by a Current AAAM Member.

Session Organizers must input a User ID(email) and self-selected Password for use when submitting proposals on the AAAM website.

Both the user ID and Password should be retained in a safe place for future reference.

All required fields must be filled in order for the online application to be submitted.

Click the Register button to begin your session proposal online application.


Deadline: Saturday, March 13th, 2021 (11:59 pm PT)

*Please Note:  Since we do not know what ability we will have to join physically together in any capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we plan to have all of the breakout session panels be virtual even if we host a portion of the annual conference in Miami.  By submitting your proposal, you agree to AAAM’s Code of Conduct, are willing to present in a virtual environment, and agree to have your session recorded and used by AAAM at a later date.  https://blackmuseums.org/code-of-conduct-agreement/

#AAAM2021 Conference Press Release