Roots of Revolution: Reaching Back | Pushing Forward

The active nature of reaching and pushing is the work of revolution movements, both old and new. Museums, archives, libraries, galleries and historic sites have never been neutral. The movement to subvert systems of oppression by creating and sustaining spaces of liberation that foster positive black racial and social consciousness, is in itself a revolutionary act. 

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This conference will focus on the reach and the push requisite in leading people, developing systems, improving organizations, protecting collections, and impacting futures through the preservation of African American art, history and culture. We will explore how technologies can extend institutions’ capacities to make their collections and programs more accessible to users and the necessity and challenges of collaboration in a revolutionary digital age.

Session topics should address best practices in one of the following areas:

Track 1: Audience Diversity (Relevance, Outreach and Responsiveness)

Track 2: Collections Stewardship (Curating, Archiving and Conserving)

Track 3: Financial Stewardship (Resource Management and Institutional Advancement)

Track 4: Leadership Development (Strategic Forecasting and Succession Planning)

Track 5: Organizational Development (Mission, Governance and Operations Planning)

Track 6: Visitor Experience (Education, Interpretation, Public Programs, and Exhibits)

Track 7: Advocacy (Creating Buy-In, Alliance Building among Funders and Policy Makers)

Track 8: Marketing (Social Media, and Audience Engagement)

DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: Friday, March 15, 2019